Laura works with every artistic creative medium. Her healing sessions that involve aura repair, manifesting your dreams, healing of relationship, clarity of life purpose and removal of stresses whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual also reflect her ability to shape and communicate artistically.

Laura Hyde Crapo used her grandfather’s nickname for her, Laura Borealis, for her own music, art and for music video directing from 1989-2010. She directed Sebadoh “Ocean” , Thrush Hermit “French Inhale”, Eric’s Trip “Viewmaster” , The Superfriendz “10 lbs”, Reversing Falls “Curse This Place”, and The World Provider “World’s Biggest Assholes” among others as well as for her own french concept band Le Look “Sang Sur La Glace”

Laura is an independent auteur filmmaker having made All She Wants (2001) and All She Wants 2 (2015). She starred, wrote, filmed, edited and scored both movies. Here is the link to her current feature https://vimeo.com/ondemand/allshewants2

Laura is a lifelong psychic and healer. She uses a custom method that involves Reiki, Triple Flame Healing and psychic healing. She has been a Reiki Master since 2003. She became a Priestess at The Belladonna Sanctuary in 2011. She has helped clients internationally with her transformative sessions in person and with distance healing. She can be reached at laurahydecrapo@gmail.com for a booking.

Laura has an MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in multimedia. She concentrated on installation, performance and video art. Laura has  BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.

Laura played drums for Alden Penner at live shows 2014-2015. She was drummer on the tour of the UK and Europe with Alden Penner and Michael Cera. Laura has also taken publicity photos for Alden Penner, The Unicorns 2014 reunion, and many other bands in the past. Her photographs have appeared as album covers. Laura also co-produces music for Alden Penner, and produces for other musicians and for her own songwriting projects.

Laura currently lives with her three children in Montreal, Canada

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