Laura can coach your artistic or musical project from beginning to end, drawing out your potential and encouraging your unique voice. Laura has helped people overcome creative blocks and helped people become confident artists and musicians regardless of their level of expertise.

Band Coach and Guitar Teacher at Girl’s Rock Camp, Toronto 2011.

Independent Filmmaking Workshop, “Everyone’s an Actor and a Director”, Echo Park Film Centre 2015

Laura teaches 2Laura teaches 3


“Thank you for a really insightful acting/directing workshop ! Really empowering.

“Thanks for the great workshop on May 31st, it was really inspirational!”

“It is with much appreciation that I write this letter of reference for Laura Crapo, a volunteer at this summer’s inaugural Girls Rock Camp Toronto for which I acted as co-director. In her role, Laura was a band coach and guitar teacher for a group of girls and young women aged 8-16. As a band coach, Laura diligently set about meeting our proposed programming deadlines for band name, song writing and skills development. In fact her band was the first to be heard – enthusiastically singing their original song. The result of Laura’s mentoring was a song full of positive affirmations that clearly showed that the girls felt comfortable to express themselves and be vulnerable. Laura was on her knees helping the girls form guitar chords, come up with riffs and showed them the root of song writing in guitar class. In a class that was composed of students with a variety of skill levels, Laura managed to make each one feel as though they were walking away from the experience with a newly gained understanding of their instrument. Having only one week to teach the campers many aspects of life with music, Laura took advantage of each opportunity to impart her knowledge giving them a solid foundation. The girls who were taught by Laura came away with the new-found confidence to begin song writing on their own, and approaching their instrument as a source of fun and creativity. As a mother of three Laura brought many skills such as conflict resolution, patience and an openness that made it easy for the girls to express themselves. Laura showed a great deal of dedication by coming to Toronto from Montreal to volunteer her time for the whole week. Her commitment to camp was further reinforced when she offered to create a keepsake for all of the 25 campers, taking photos of each girl, laying them out in Photoshop/Illustrator and rushing over to Kinko’s in time for all of the girls to sign one another’s posters. Laura’s time, energy and commitment made our first year of Girls Rock Camp an enormous success and it is without hesitation that I provide this letter of reference to Laura.”

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